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      14K Gold Necklaces

      Premium Gold Necklaces

      These premium gold plated necklaces are a King Ice exclusive. These gold style pendants were custom made to King Ice’s high quality standards. These aren’t your average gold plated pendants. Our collection of premium gold pendants was designed for the hip hop jewelry fan looking for exquisite jewelry without the ridiculous prices. These pendants may be made of brass but even an experienced jeweler won’t be able to tell the difference.

      The question that gets asked most often by our customers is, “Is your jewelry real?” These gold style pendants are not made of solid 14k gold with genuine diamonds. You should be glad they’re not real. A real 14k gold pendant with diamonds runs for more than $10,000. If you have that much money to burn, by all means, get a real gold pendant with diamonds. At King Ice however, we’re about giving you more bang for your buck. The average price of our premium gold plated pendants is $80. Higher than our affordable pendant collection but we’re positive you’ll notice the difference in quality when you see these in person.

      Our premium gold necklaces are made of brass with a thick gold plating which means they’ll look just as good in a couple of years as they do today. Each gold pendant features dozens, sometimes hundreds, of sparkling round cut CZ diamonds in multiple colors. Each stone is handset, not glued like other jewelry stores. The back of each pendant is caged which allows you to see the pinholes for each diamond. Pinholes allow light to pass through each CZ diamond to give them an amazing shine even in low light. These qualities make these pieces nearly indistinguishable from real gold pendants. Some of hip hop’s elite rappers own some of these pendants, but we’re not at liberty to say who.

      The question shouldn’t be, “Are these real?” It should be, “How many of these should I get?”  You’ll want to stock up on these premium gold pendants since some of them won’t be restocked.