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    the 14k gold owl necklace
    The 14K Gold Owl Necklace
    $ 100.00
    14k gold t rex necklace
    14K Gold T-Rex Necklace
    $ 80.00

    Animal Pendants

    Jewelry is more than just a look; it’s an expression. And each design we create goes into fulfilling that expression of designing the most artistically driven pendants, whether it be from the animal kingdom or from sports. Each animal pendant, from the majestic tigers to the grace of our owl designs, evokes the power and might of these creatures to develop some of the most eye-catching, one-of-kind designs that only King Ice can create.

    King Ice Quality: Animal Pendants

    Each pendant we produce spends months in development, going through revision after revision till both design and quality meet our standards. And each pendant we produce comes dipped 5 times in 14k gold, 18K gold or rhodium ionic plating to produce the highest possible shine and protection for each piece. Meanwhile, each 18K or 14K gold jewelry piece that comes fitted with CZ stones uses a micro pave setting to ensure added security and stone alignment.