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    White Gold

    Hip Hop Earrings

    Hip hop earrings are a necessary part for any player who is truly representing in terms of hip hop style. Bling silver studs are now a normal part of men's fashion whether it be hip hop related our not. But in particular, hip hop jewelry collectors are loaded with the latest in iced out silver earrings. Going out for the night? Wanna impress that special lady? We've got all the hip hop earring styles you need right here at King Ice. Celebrities like Usher, 50 Cent and Kobe Bryant all floss bling diamond earrings. You can also get that high end look without paying that high price. Can you imagine a high profile rapper or singer without them? They wouldn't be caught dead without a pair of the flyest hip hop earrings glittering from their ears.

    Our silver cubic zirconia diamond studs are made with high quality sterling silver. We carry both round cut iced out cz diamond earrings and princess cut cubic zirconia stud earrings. Some with invisible cut on the cz surface. Look fresh with our colorful silver hip hop earrings with red ruby cz earrings, canary yellow cz bling bling earrings, black onyx stud earrings, and sapphire blue hip hop earrings. These iced out cz earrings will never change colors or tarnish as they are coated with rhodium and 14k gold over sterling silver. You will see a lot of haters when you wear KingIce.com silver iced out earrings! You can get matching silver jewelry like silver rings, silver pendants and silver bracelets.

    Why KingIce.com? Our bling bling cz diamond earrings are the latest trends and replicas of red carpet fashions and hip hop music video fashions. We carry the same earrings styles similar to the celebrity earrings from artists like P. Diddy, Nelly, Jay-Z and athletes like Alan Iverson, Jermaine O'Neal, and Lebron James. Our bling bling earrings are affordable and are almost at wholesale price. Our internet prices for silver cubic zirconia diamond jewelry are less than half of the prices compared with shopping malls. Lastly, our earrings look just like real diamond earrings. Take advantage of our great quality, prices and dedicated service. We also offer extended warranties on all our products instilling confidence in our brand. Save money and shop online with confidence as you floss with your new pair of banging hip hop earrings.