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    Blackout Earrings

    King Ice is introducing the Blackout Collection featuring Blackout hip hop earrings. Blackout earrings offer black ice CZ diamond stones set in black gold style metal. At King Ice we focus on quality craftsmanship as well as affordability. As a result, our Blackout earrings feature quality black plating with a darkened finish for that black on black hip hop look. Blacked out cars and apparel aren't new to consumers. The Blackout Collection is creating an option in jewelry variety by offering hip hop earrings in this special collection. Truly inspired by a fusion of counter cultures including gothic, punk and hip hop, Blackout earrings create a feeling of edginess and mystery. Stylish and sophisticated Blackout iced out earrings are the perfect compliment to a wide range of urban apparel, Goth looks and power suits. Their more blingy counterparts, traditional urban earrings often have more reflection and brilliance. However, black jewelry might garner more attention for its unique expression.

    Blackout hip hop earring jewelry features lab created black cubic zirconia diamond stones. Almost indistinguishable from real diamonds but without the dramatic price, iced out CZ stud earrings are a mainstay for any jewelry collection. Blackout earrings come in a number of shapes and sizes including kites, stars and crowns to name a few. The affordable nature of these cz men’s earrings allow for the average collector to match them with other Blackout hip hop jewelry including black pendants, bracelets and hip hop chains. Together they create a fly presentation that will be sure to spark interest. At KingIce.com we are always looking for ways to excite our customers by bringing in the latest hip hop jewelry based on new trends in the urban fashion market. The Blackout Collection featuring iced out black earrings is a result of this quest. Take advantage of our extended warranties, great service and quality products at King Ice. Anybody truly interested in bling jewelry must have some Blackout earrings in his collection.