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      Black Necklaces

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      Blackout Pendants

      Blackout jewelry has invaded Blackout jewelry is a term used for black plated jewelry with black diamonds. Other terms for blackout style jewelry include black on black and all black everything. The blackout fashion trend emerged in 2009 when Jay-Z rapped about having “All black everything, black cards, black cars” in the song Run This Town. At the time, Jay-Z’s fashion style centered around black clothes and accessories.

      The following year Soulja Boy released a song titled All Black Everything where he commented on his “All black diamonds in my Lamborghini chain.” In 2011 Jay-Z again mentioned his all black style on the track Murder to Excellence with the line, “All-black everything, nigga you know my fresh code.”

      Four years in and the all black trend is still going strong. We’ve been feverishly adding the freshest blackout jewelry to every single one of our categories. What used to be an oddity is now a standard across We carry blackout chains, pendants, earrings, watches, bracelets, and rings. The trend appears to be sustainable for years to come even outlasting the short-lived rose gold craze in hip hop fashion.

      To appease the demand for superior blackout jewelry, King Ice introduces this exclusive collection of premium blackout pendants. This isn’t your average blackout pendant. A majority of these pieces were custom made for King Ice. Premium blackout pendants have a thicker black plating to endure daily wear and tear. Premium blackout pendants are iced out with handset black CZ stones. Each stone is set in a pinhole, without any glue, giving it an incredible shine in any environment.