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      8"-9" Gold Buddha Mala Bracelet BRX09827-Blue
      $ 25.00
      8"-9" Bronzite Buddha Bracelet BRX09280-Bronzite
      $ 30.00
      14K Gold 14K Gold .925 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet BRX14000 14K Gold 14K Gold .925 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet BRX14000
      $ 100.00
      King Ice Tiger Eye Buddha Beaded Bracelet BRX09279-Tigereye
      $ 30.00
      King Ice Smokey Grey Buddha Beaded Bracelet BRX09278
      $ 30.00
      Default Title / Turquoise & Onyx Turquoise & Onyx Buddha Mala Bracelet Set BRX09823
      $ 40.00
      Default Title / Brown Brown Wood Gold Buddha Beaded Meditation Bracelet BRX09829-Brown
      $ 30.00
      Default Title / Brown The Heartwood from Marz BRX11752
      $ 40.00
      Default Title / Red Red & Brown Wooden Mala Bead Bracelet Set BRX09305
      $ 40.00

      Hip Hop Bracelets

      Inspired by recording artists, actors and pop culture, hip hop bracelets remain a staple among the streetwear community, and King Ice's catalog of Mala, Hip Hop, Wrap, Gold and Premium Bracelets combine quality materials with one-of-a-kind designs to provide some of the most original, sought-after styles on the Web. From the high quality of our wood bracelets and Mala line to the pristine look and feel of our premium bracelets, King Ice offers high-end bracelets without the high-end costs.

      The King Ice Quality: Hip Hop Bracelets

      Our men's bracelets all use the highest grade of materials, from our matte-finished onyx stones to our 14K gold plated hip hop bracelets. Meanwhile, our creative vision for some of our most popular lines, like our Mala Collection, offers a fresh look in a saturated market of wood bracelets. King Ice continues to combine the highest quality of materials to create some of the most fashionable and iconic hip hop and streetwear items that redefine the standards of men's bracelets.