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    Crown Julz

    The Crown Jewlz

    For centuries, emperors, conquerors and kings embolden their specters, crowns and even weapons with their royal jewels to signal their wealth and might. Continuing this tradition comes the Crown Jewlz collection, an assortment of bracelets, rings and pendants that use only the finest materials to create some of the most exotic streetwear and hip hop jewelry pieces on the market. From the iconic necklaces to the classic rings, each piece aims to demonstrate your worthiness to wear the crowning piece to your outfit.

    The Crown Jewlz Quality

    Each piece that makes up the Crown Jewlz Collection features either Red Coral or Blue Lapis gemstones, two semi-precious stones with a storied history that continue to win praise for their bright colors and value. Meanwhile, each piece in the collection uses round-cut, clear CZ stones to complete the look, and with 14K gold plating encompassing each ring, bracelet and pendant, the Crown Jewlz collection remains fit for a king. Each piece we develop and ship comes inspected by one of our quality insurance specialist to ensure you receive only the highest quality piece. Order all your Crown Jewlz hip hop jewelry from King Ice.