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      Microphone Flag

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      Microphone Flags

      Dress for success at your next rap battle, concert, interview, or any public appearance with our swag collection of iced out microphone flags!  The shine from the brilliant hand set cubic zirconium diamonds is sure to stun your audience, and any competition that might be around.   They'll have no idea what just hit them when they see you step out with a stunning custom piece!

      We have a selection of pre-made microphone flags with a brass base, and gleaming metal plating, available in gold, rhodium, or black.  Or you can step up your game and order your own custom made mic flag!  Just email the details you want to Sales@kingice.com for a price quote, and then watch as your dreams become reality! We can make your custom microphone flag with virtually any metal you could want. Each cubic zirconium diamond stone is set by hand in a micro pave setting, with pinholes for the ultimate shine, and are available in a wide variety of colors to suit your needs.  The shape of our microphone flag is specifically designed to be a universal size, so it will fit virtually any microphone you come across.

      Our shining microphone flags are already being used by media personalities and celebrities, most notably, Snoop Lion.  His custom piece has become his new favorite accessory, and he is rarely seen making an appearance without it!  He has been seen using his microphone flag at the 2013 BET Awards, on the David Letterman show, as well as most of his 2013 concerts.

      Whether you choose a piece from our current collection, or choose to really stand out with a custom microphone flag, with your own design and colors on it, you are sure to stand out from the crowd.  So why wait?  Get your swagged out microphone flag today, and get noticed tomorrow!