Grillz are here to stay in hip hop fashion. Grillz, the bling for your mouth, will have you looking like your favorite hip hop artists in the latest music videos. Hip hop fashion is all about being outrageous and loud. The clothes are bright and baggy. The pendants, chains, watches and rings, are all large encrusted with a gang of precious stones. Gold teeth grills are the final accessory for the ultimate hip hop outfit.

Jewelry in your mouth guarantees attention whenever you smile or speak. The ladies love staring at a guy with a sparkling grill, but gold teeth grillz aren’t only for men anymore. Celebrities like Kim Karadashian and Kendra from The Girls Next Door have their own iced out gold teeth grills. Everybody wants to get in on grills, the jewelry for your mouth.

Hip hop gold teeth grillz are a type of removable custom fitted jewelry worn over the teeth. Grillz are commonly constructed out of silver, gold or platinum and can be encrusted with precious stones. Authentic hip hop gold teeth grillz can cost thousands of dollars depending on the material and jewels. At King Ice, our hip hop grillz are made of high quality sterling silver. Our gold teeth grills are encrusted with several multicolor simulated diamonds for a realistic look that will fool everyone into thinking you paid a fortune for your hip hop grill. Authentic gold teeth grillz are custom fitted but our hip hop grills are one-size-fits-all. The molding process for authentic gold teeth grills can take weeks. With our one-size-fits-all gangsta grillz it takes minutes to put on. Our gold teeth grillz fit comfortably in your mouth without hurting your gums or teeth like other low quality grills.

Grills are a minor component of a complete hip hop ensemble. A stylish hip hop outfit requires multiple bling bling hip hop accessories. The hottest hip hop artists sport iced out chains, rings, grillz, bracelets, earrings and watches. At you’ll find everything you need for your hip hop fashion collection. Every hip hop fan needs gangsta hip hop earrings with large CZ diamonds that give you a bold and unique style. Get your hip hop jewelry from King Ice, your source for iced out gold teeth mouth grillz.

All grillz are non-refundable.