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    Real Diamond Earrings

    Diamonds are the most valuable gemstones in existence today. A combination of popularity along with quality has set diamonds apart from other stones. Diamonds are also the hardest material known to man used readily in commercial industry. The rarity of quality diamonds along with a carefully controlled market supply contributes heavily to their value. Extensive effective marketing campaigns sustained over decades have vaulted diamonds in the minds of jewelry buyers. For consumers, real diamonds represent wealth, power and quality.

    A pair of real diamond earrings for men are a must have for the true hip hop jewelry collector. Demand for genuine diamond stud earrings by hip hop fans continues to grow. Specifically, hip hop diamond earrings come in a number different styles and type. Generally speaking diamonds are expensive ranging in price wildly. Here at King Ice we believe you don't have to necessarily suffer quality in order to get a pair of quality hip hop style real bling diamond earrings. Our hip hop diamond earrings focus on smaller diamonds with high quality in an attempt to give our customer the style and sheer carat weight associated with larger more dramatically priced diamond stones.

    At King Ice we offer a great selection of real hip hop earrings for men. Our diamonds are quality assured for authenticity and durability. Real bling style earrings in hop hop jewelry tend to be larger than typical men's diamond earrings usually made with yellow or white gold often in 10K and 14K. At King Ice we offer a selection of 10K gold real diamond stud bling earrings. The use of 10K gold in our earrings provides for more affordability while maintaining a high gold standard. Our customers benefit from the combination of quality gold and diamonds offering great prices on real diamond stud hip hop earrings.

    Micro pave bling inspired earring shapes revolve around squares including kites and concave structures. Many of the actual designs are based on mainstream hip hop fashion jewelry earring design as expressed by celebrities including rappers, singers, athletes and actors. Kobe, Lebron, Lil Wayne, Will Smith amd Jamie Foxx have all been seen flossing genuine diamond stud hip hop earrings. The color of diamond stones can be varied using advanced heating techniques. We offer a variety of color treated hip hop diamond earrings in exciting combinations. The colors available include red, blue, yellow and green. The iced out stones are arranged together in patterns using mini diamonds hand placed in a micro pave setting. Micro pave hip hop diamond earrings require intense skilled labor. As these stones are small and plentiful, creating a perfectly aligned set of numerous stones for a pair of stunning men's real diamond stud earrings can be a harrowing task.

    To compliment your iced out stud earrings browse through our various hip hop jewelry categories including urban styled large hip hop watches, men's rings, bracelets and chains. At King Ice we are proud to offer a wide ranging warranty for all our products. Try a pair of men's bling hip hop stud earrings today and you'll be sure to get great service with quality merchandise.