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      Mini Pendants

      Mini Hip Hop Pendants

      Our mini pendants continue our tradition of providing creative, stylish hip hop jewelry, but on smaller, more subtle scale. Like our regular King Ice Designed Pendants, our mini hip hop pendants retain the same quality and standard to provide an original streetwear and urban look.Whether its our collection of gold, black or silver pieces, our mini hip hop pendants grant a color, style and type of product that matches your lifestyle, from mini Jesus Pieces pendants to more non-traditional pieces like our sports cars and Buddha collection or mini pendants.

      The King Ice Quality: Mini Hip Hop Pendants

      As with all of our hip hop jewelry, our pendants come dipped five times in 14K or 18K gold plating to provide added shine and durability, while our sterling silver mini hip hop pendants use .925 sterling silver to give our customers the best material possible. At King Ice, our motto isn't just quality first; it's our design standard. We aim to provide hip hop jewelry that sets that standard, ensuring every piece we deliver to your door receives an adequate inspection by our quality assurance specialists to ensure no pendant with scuffs, damaged edges or faded plating arrive at your doorstep.