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    Round Beadz

    Round Beadz

    Mala Bracelets

    Mala bead bracelets, often referred to as the Buddhist rosary, are traditionally used to assist in the recitation of mantras. Mantras are simply chants or words repeated over and over with the purpose of affecting ones mind. The focus on a mantra repeated hundreds or thousands of times, with the help of Mala power prayer Buddhist bracelets can result in disciplining the mind for a particular purpose.

    Mala bracelets also called power bead bracelets work as an instrument for the mediator and often with a religious connotation, particularly in the case of Hindus. A Mala bracelet is usually composed of a series of beads made from natural stones. Mala power prayer bead materials include Jasper, Onyx, Tiger Eye, Turquoise, Quartz, Amethyst and much more. They are strung together in one of two ways including the bottle string tie (non-adjustable) and the adjustable knot.

    An alternative interpretation of the meaning of Mala or power is as a symbol of the Golden Rule or the ethos that one should treat others as they would want to be treated. The Mala bracelet represents this peaceful ideal shared by numerous philosophies and religions making it a universal concept. The beads in the Mala bracelet represent two sides of a rainbow coming together in a peaceful expression.

    At King Ice, we offer a wide variety of quality Mala prayer bead bracelets as used traditionally in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Handmade with authentic natural gemstones, our selection of Mala bracelets are the perfect compliment to modern urban bling fashion. King Ice covers a wide array of bead style bracelets for every occasion. Take advantage of our generous customer service and extended warranty and enjoy our collection of beaded mala bracelets.