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      The 14K Gold Cuban Curb Medallion Ring The 14K Gold Cuban Curb Medallion Ring
      $ 100.00
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      Hip Hop Rings

      From rose-gold rings to bling rings, King Ice's collection of style, colors and designs takes its inspiration from high-end designers and a stable of creative minds that continue to produce the most contemporary, iconic rings for the hip hop and streetwear communities. King Ice excels at meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of the hip hop and streetwear communities. Whether it's from our .925 sterling silver hip hop rings or from our skull-designed items, King Ice offers one-of-a-kind products that will draw attention, no matter if you're walking the streets of your hometown or touring the clubs.

      The King Ice Quality: Hip Hop Rings

       All of our hip hop rings use the highest quality of materials, from our micro CZ stones, cut into either princess or round-cut style, to our elegant, .925 sterling silver collection of rings. With each model taking months of development and revisions to complete, we assure each of our customers as to the quality and care taken in providing the most iconic bling rings on the market.