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    Rose Gold

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    Rose Gold Chains

    The popularity of Rose Gold Chains emerged as an alternative to traditional gold, providing a more modern look alongside our rose gold earrings and rings. Compared to traditional gold-colored jewelry, rose gold gained its popularity in Russia thanks to wealthy nobles and bankers, earning the name "Russian gold." Now, rose gold provides a more luxurious hip hop jewelry color appealing to both men and women alike. From our Box chains to our Francos, each can function as a standalone piece or alongside a pendant to complement any outfit or occasion.

    King Ice Quality: Rose Gold Chains

    Our rose gold chains, like all of our hip hop jewelry, uses 14K or 18K gold plating to provide better durability and shine. Meanwhile, our chains with CZ stones use micro pave settings that grant better stone alignment and security. And each chain we produce comes inspected by one of our quality assurance specialists to assure you get a chain free from scratches, broken chain links or damaged clasps. With length sizes from as small as 24" to as large as 36", our chains appeal to all body sizes.