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    Rose Gold

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    Rose Gold Pendants

    Premium Rose gold pendants from the leader of hip hop bling! King Ice is your source for the latest rose gold jewelry. Rose gold jewelry has exploded in hip hop. Rose gold jewelry has become the substitute for common materials like gold and silver. In a room full of people wearing gold and silver, rose gold bling will set you apart. In an effort to give you the finest rose gold jewelry possible we’ve created this exclusive collection of rose gold plated pendants. These aren’t your average rose gold plated pendants. Each brass pendant is plated with a thick rose gold finish. A thick plating will help prevent tarnishing. Each piece features handset clear or black round cut CZ diamonds in a micro pave setting. We don’t use any glue to set these stones. Every CZ diamond is handset in a pinhole that allows light to shine through for an incredible sparkle. Even in low light these stones will gleam like real diamonds. And don’t forget to match your new premium rose gold pendant with a rose gold chain or rose gold bracelet.

    If you still doubt the popularity of rose gold bling, read some lyrics from the biggest names in hip hop rapping about the jewelry style.  Meek Mill in I Did It For My Dawgs said, “Rose gold rolie on my wrist, flawless.” Kanye West in I Don’t Like said, “Rose gold Jesus piece with the brown ice.” A$AP Rocky in the song Bass rapped about how “Bozos love my rose gold.” Jay-Z in Diamond Is Forever said, “Flow is black magic, I'm at it again Rose Gold with black karats.” Rose gold isn’t going away anytime soon so pick up a rose gold plated pendant, from King Ice.