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      Solid Gold Earrings

      Solid Gold Earrings

      Solid Gold Earrings are necessary for any hip hop jewelry collection. We offer a great choice ranging from the smaller sizes to larger phat bling bling sizes, in both princess and round cut. Our gold stud earrings will command attention as they gleam with fly cubic zirconia cz diamonds. The stones are Russian made for that authentic iced out stud earrings look. Our cz earrings are guaranteed to set off your outfit and go well with any other bling style jewelry you choose to floss.

      Or if you want that understated look you can wear smaller size gold stud earrings to let them know that you still know what's up. Get yours here at King Ice and save big money. Why spend thousands of dollars on real diamonds and then lose them, when you can get some 14K iced out yellow gold stud earrings for less. Real diamond earrings are very cool but you may not want to wear them to work or to the beach. 14K gold stud earrings featuring cz diamonds are the perfect substitute. We also carry a great compliment of gold rings, gold pendants and gold chains to set your earrings off.

      We offer great quality that will also save you cheese! You don't even have to worry about losing your cz stud earrings because they are so inexpensive. Affordability will allow you to get multiple sizes for every occasion. Get a pair of white gold studs and yellow gold studs for that extra something. Try different cuts including princess, round, pave and invisible gold earrings giving you a plethora of choices. We also carry studs featuring black cz's, yellow cz's and more! In case you are looking for more style you can check out our earrings jewelry category. Enjoy our quality hip hop jewelry, great customer service, extended warranties and fast shipping with your new pair of 14K gold stud earrings.