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      925 Sterling Silver Rings

      Oval Cut Ring Oval Cut Ring
      $ 80.00

      Men's Sterling Silver Rings

      Shine with our men's sterling silver rings featuring sparking cz diamonds. These high quality silver iced out rings are coated with rhodium over .925 sterling silver for that platinum look. We also carry vermeil rings which are solid sterling silver rings plated with 14K yellow gold. Sterling silver is a great alternative to more expensive materials such as gold and diamonds. The affordability allows for daily use and less concern over damage. You can also get a variety of styles to suit any occasion. Go with our traditional silver rings with a little less ice and not quite as large. Or try out a ring that is glittering with diamond cz stones in an eternity construction, great for a party or club. To compliment your ring consider our wide variety of silver hip hop bracelets as well high end assortment of sterling silver pendants and silver earrings. Turn on any music video or award show to see the sparkling jewelry as promoted by the trend setters of today. Men's jewelry, in particular, is more popular than ever. Celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Usher and David Beckham are seen consistently wearing the tightest hip hop jewelry including high end gold mens rings usually fitted with genuine diamonds.

      These designs inspire the creation of many of the sterling silver men's rings available in today's market. Made with quality materials and detailed craftsmanship, a sterling silver man ring will go well with any outfit. Wear a suit to meeting and or wear something more casual to dinner or the club. A great substitute for that diamond ring you may already have, our hip hop style silver cz rings will strike the right note in any setting. Popular amongst men's jewelry are rings featuring 14K yellow gold over sterling silver. Referred to as vermeil rings, they can add the right accent to any outfit. As durable as a solid gold ring, these vermeil silver rings give you the excitement of gold at silver prices. Silver, of course, is not as expensive as gold for various reasons. Although, silver itself is a valuable precious metal that has durable qualities.

      Here at King Ice we cater to the world of hip hop jewelry. Our men's hip hop rings are as well constructed and creatively designed as anything available on the web. Whether it be sterling silver rings, iced out rings of yellow gold style vermeil rings, we take pride in our carefully selected line. As a result, we offer an extended warranty on all our men's silver rings. Take advantage of a wide variety, great prices and get your iced out rings at King Ice, the king of hip hop men's sterling silver rings.