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    Suicide Squad by King Ice

    Suicide Squad by King Ice

    Suicide Squad by King Ice

    Made for both the super-fan and casual fan alike, the official Warner Bros Suicide Squad jewelry line provides a streetwear-inspired version of all your favorite characters and themes from the DC universe. From Joker and Harley Quinn necklaces to Batman and Deadshot rings, each item provides an iconic, fashionable look from one of summer's biggest hits. 

    The Quality of Suicide Squad Jewelry

    Created using state-of-the-art machinery, each Suicide Squad piece provides fans of the movie the best possible product, refined and created to mirror the characteristics, themes and look from these iconic characters, like El Diablo's sinister stare or Harley Quinn's bubbly personality. Each item uses either a 14K gold or rhodium ionic plating process that takes real, melted bits of gold that cover these 3D molded pieces to provide the signature shine and durability. Meanwhile, each piece uses AAA, handset stones to provide added quality unrevealed by our competitors.  

    Stone Placement and Color

    Each Suicide Squad jewelry pieces use a micro-pave setting process, a feature that requires us to handset each stone inside tiny pinholes etched into each 3D jewelry piece. This labor-intensive process adds to the manufacturing time but improves the stone placement, security and look of our products. The process and the use of AAA, CZ stones gives each piece belonging to the Suicide Squad collection an added sense of value and charm.


    Opting for a 2.5mm, stainless steel Franco chain, each Suicide Squad pendant uses a 26" Franco chain to provide added shine and durability. Each of our stainless steel chains use a 14K gold iconic plating process to make each Joker or Batman jewelry piece shine.