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      Steve aka Black Ninja

      Las Vegas, NV

      Follow him:

      King Ice
      Silver Trucks
      ReVive Wheels
      Tapatio Brand
      Deja Vu Showgrils
      211 Steel Reserve


      Before you say it:

      "You're not black or a ninja..."

      I'm aware of this, but it's too late now. Most people know me as the Ninja so from this point forward we have to roll with it!

      I started skateboarding in the year 2000 and aside from a few brief burnouts I've been doing it ever since. I run a popular action sports YouTube channel (listed above) and live my life in the moment. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and I have no plans to leave; I prefer to live in a city with 5 cent beers and a slot machine on every corner. These days you can find me at the skatepark doing the same circus tricks that got me notoriety in the first place. Now, however, I live a quiet life and spend most of my time bullying small children. I am the voice of a generation, but greatness comes with a price and, sadly, Black Ninja is the last of a dying breed.


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