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      Hip Hop Celebrity Jewelry

      Ever wanted to wear amazing jewelry like your favorite hip hop celebrities? You’ve come to the right place because here at King Ice we have an entire collection dedicated to replica hip hop celebrity jewelry.

      We scour the latest hip hop fashion trends to bring you what today’s hip hop celebrities are wearing. Chances are if you see a celebrity wearing an iced out piece of hip hop jewelry on the red carpet, at an award show or in a music video, we have something nearly identical. Hip hop superstars like Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Ludacris are constantly seen flossin’ platinum or gold jewelry. At King Ice we carry the same famous hip hop celebrity jewelry styles at a fraction of the cost and no one will be able to tell the difference.

      Our hip hop celebrity jewelry is made of high quality materials with cubic zirconia stones that sparkle so much you’ll need shades to check them out. Our hip hop celebrity jewelry collection includes gold plated, platinum style and blackout jewelry. Blackout jewelry is taking over in hip hop fashion. A majority of our blackout hip hop celebrity jewelry is made of brass with a black plating and black cubic zirconia diamonds that shine like crazy.

      Whether you’re looking for watches, rings, bracelets, chains or pendants, our hip hop celebrity jewelry collection has it all. Treat yourself to genuine diamond watches similar to what Diddy or Jay Z sport. Keep your mouth refrigerated like Lil Wayne with one of our iced out grillz. Feel harder, better, faster, stronger with Kanye West jewelry like a blackout Jesus piece or sick sunglasses he wears. Grab some Soulja Boy jewelry like the multi row blackout bracelets or the diamond stud earrings he flosses. We even carry old school hip hop jewelry from the MC legends like Tupac, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Nas, Slick Rick and Biggie.

      Hip hop celebrities are always at the forefront of jewelry fashion. It was hip hop celebrities that brought you the thick gold rope chains, the oversized pendants, blackout jewelry, grillz, and so much more. So keep it fresh by sportin’ rapper bling bling from our hip hop celebrity jewelry collection.

      Celebrity Disclaimer

      Unless stated otherwise, any celebrities pictured on our site do not endorse, sponsor, or have any association with Celebrity images on King Ice are used for informational purposes only. King Ice does not claim to carry jewelry identical in material, design, and price as those pictured with celebrities.  We respect intellectual property rights.  If you are an owner, or third party owner that believes you’ve had your rights violated by please contact us. The item, or items, in question will be promptly removed from the site until an agreement has been reached.