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      KING ICE Collections

      King Ice has always been a pioneer in providing affordable hip hop jewelry to the general public. We’ve explored all areas around the world pertaining to hip hop fashion and we are proud to have diverse and up-to-date product lines. With a large product line, we are able to notice jewelry we’ve seen hip hop artists wear and thus, a collection will be born. Back in late 2009, we introduced the Blackout Collection, now All Black Everything Collection, which featured all black jewelry. These jewelry pieces took the hip hop world by storm. What made the black on black jewelry collection so prominent was the amount of celebrities seen with black diamonds with black gold. Every celebrity began to wear black on black jewelry.

      If the stars wear it, you will for sure see it on King Ice. One of many fabulous collections, this is where you’ll find the latest inspired hip hop jewelry from specific artists or in general. By keeping up to date with award shows and red carpet events, we’ve come in contact with a multiple pieces inspired from specific artists. Due to the sheer amount of associated hip hop celebrity jewelry of individual artists, we decided that splitting them up in their own collection would best serve the hip hop fashion jewelry fans.

      Our first individual celebrity hip hop collections feature Kanye West Fashion Jewelry, Nicki Minaj Jewelry, and 1017 Brick Squad Jewelry. Our Kanye West Jewelry collection is one of the most in depth jewelry lines. As Kanye continues to rise, so does his tastes in fashion and style of jewelry. We’ve been fortunate to have many inspired Kanye West Jewelry such as the teddy bear, Egyptian Horus, and more! Our second collection goes to the 1017 Brick Squad Boyz. Headed by Gucci Mane, these dynamic artists have got some real icy bling bling jewelry such as the brick squad bird, the igloo, and the highway sign. Lastly, we have the queen of hip hop, Nick Miniki Minaj. She’s been tearing up the scene and already has a massive following. She’s famous for wearing her large Barbie necklace wherever she goes, which we carry. The hip hop collection extends past celebrity jewelry. While most fashion come from celebrities, others come from songs, religious faith, or hip hop jewelry that just look that damn good!

      Other great collections from King Ice are our Black and Yellow jewelry line, Micro Pave Jewelry, Jesus Pieces, and more! The black and yellow collection is derived from Wiz Khalifa’s – Black and Yellow song while the Jesus Piece has always been a staple in hip hop fashion. We’re constantly adding new hip hop collections as to our already trendy selections.