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      Ann Arbor, MI

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      The hiphop artist known as "PROL'E" was born in Detroit, MI. After a short period, PROL'E and his family moved to Ypsilanti, MI. PROL'E has been in to music his entire life. Considering the fact that his father, "SHAWN" aka "SHAY-DOGG", was a rapper as well, music seemed like an inevitable path for PROL’E. PROL'E and his family decided to move to Ann Arbor MI, a couple years after they settled in Ypsilanti. Ann Arbor unlocked the creative mind and skill of PROL'E's true gift. There, PROL'E started focusing on social networking, and perfecting his craft as a recording artist. He also found the perfect image, to fit the newly found persona.

      In 2014, PROL'E released a mix-tape titled "SOCIALLY AWKWARD". After seeing the reactions of fans, friends, and family, PROL'E soon upgraded it to an album. PROL'E is currently working on pressing hard copies, getting official "PROL'E" apparel, and gaining the respect from his current city, Ann Arbor, MI.

      Skate videos:

      Turnt Up Rap Contest Winner: PROL'E - The Real Contest

      I BET (Official video)


      THE WAIT