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      Stevie Williams

      Philadelphia, PA

      Follow him:

      King Ice
      9five Eyewear
      Gold Wheels
      Grizzly Griptape
      Venture Trucks
      Diamond Supply Co.
      Beats by Dre
      Bones Bearings
      Asphalt Yacht Club (AYC)

      Stevie Williams decided to become a skater after watching “Gleaming the Cube” at ten years old. The movie introduced him to a sport he’d never seen before. Stevie Williams was confident he could do every trick he saw in the movie and more. Stevie and his friends began skating around their hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They drew inspiration from skaters like Henry Sanchez and Guy Mariano who grew in popularity from their performances in Blind Skateboards videos. It didn’t take long for Stevie Williams to get his first sponsor, DC Shoes.

      In 2003, Stevie Williams and business partner Eli Sotto formed their own distribution company. Three years later the company introduced four brands: Dirty Ghetto Kids (DGK), Organika, Expedition and Gold. This venture into branding set off a chain reaction that transformed Stevie Williams the skater, into Stevie Williams the successful businessman. Stevie Williams went on to collaborate with G-Shock, Supra, Venture, Diamond Supply Co., and Beats by Dre among others. His latest business venture has become a legitimate hit in urban wear. Asphalt Yacht Club (AYC) was launched in 2013. Asphalt Yacht Club designs tops, bottoms, and hats. The brand’s key spokesman, Nyjah Huston, helped bring the brand into the spotlight by wearing AYC clothing in all of his competitions. Stevie Williams is one of few to turn a successful skating career into a multifaceted enterprise.


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