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About Tuff Citi

A South Bronx, New York native and powerful lyricist, Michael Bean Jr. is widely known in the entertainment industry as “Tuffy” or “Tuff Citi”. He attended Taft High School; one of New York’s roughest high schools in the city. As a teenager, “Tuffy” dealt drugs and led a dangerous street life as a way to earn a living. “Tuffy” embarked on his music career at the age of 19. He took full control of his life at the age of 25 and really started to push forward with his music career.

As a major entertainer, “Tuffy” has since left those days behind that could have ended his career indefinitely. He has proven that never forgetting where he came from means honoring being the son of Michael Bean, Sr. and Sherry Bean but respecting the life of being raised in a single parent home with two siblings. As a family man and a dedicated father, he shares the responsibilities of raising his two children, a 10-year old son, Michael Keith Bean, III and a 3-year-old daughter, Mykel Andrea Bean.  “Tuff Citi”, wanting more out of life for himself and his children, understands the importance of setting his professional goals of becoming more focused on his career and building himself as a Brand.

“Tuff Citi” has a reputable entertainment portfolio. He has opened up for lyrical stars such as ‘Lil Kim, Jadakiss, Fred ‘Da’ Godson and other big names. He’s recorded and sold 4 mix tapes, performed at numerous shows and as of recent, won a 1st place contest hosted by the rap legend, Snoop Dog. The world of Hip Hop allows “Tuffy” freedom of speech and gives him a chance to create a story, his-story through his music. “Tuffy” has been influenced by renown artists such as Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas.

“Tuffy” is currently in the studio creating a new mix tape entitled “Music and Money”. It will debut in the near future. He is collaborating with the owners of King Ice for possible contracts; however, he is available to be booked for shows with other labels and events. “Tuffy” currently resides in Albany, NY and is still working on perfecting his craft daily. Most importantly, becoming an artist was just a dream for “Tuffy” at a young age, now a reality fulfilled.