Spectrum Double-Row Brilliant-Cut Ring

$ 25.00 $ 50.00


Eleven multicolored VVS Diamond Simulates form the rainbow band on the Double Row Spectrum Ring. The inside of the 14K Gold plated .925 Sterling Silver ring is engraved with Greek Key for the perfect finish.

Width: 6mm
Finish: 14K Gold Plating
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Stone color: Jade, Sky Blue, Cadet Blue, Royal Blue, Lavender, Magenta, Red, Canary Yellow, Light Yellow, Light Peach, Olive Green
Stone cut: Round
Stone setting: Micro Pave
Stone type: VVS Diamond Simulate
Weight: 8g
Size: 0
Size: 0
Size: 0
Size: 0
Size: 0
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