Can’t Stop Drippin’ Summer '22 Lookbook

Can’t Stop Drippin’ Summer '22 Lookbook

King Ice teamed up with Justice Barrios, an aspiring pro boxer and actor, to shoot the Summer Essentials: Can’t Stop Drippin campaign. Originally, the idea started as a joke in a discussion amongst our team - You would never see a person soaking wet walking down the streets of LA because, well, it never rains. As we advanced the conversation, it clicked, “what if he was soaking wet because he ‘can’t stop dripping… from the jewelry.” An obvious play on jewelry being referred to as “drip” and a person literally “dripping” from the water. The irony of it all, on the day of the shoot, it was actually raining in Southern California.

The jewelry we chose for this shoot consists of core chains, rings, bracelets and shades that are essential for Summer 2022. Some of our favorites are the multi-colored 3mm Spectrum Tennis Chains and bracelets, The 18mm Miami Cuban Choker with Baguette Stones, and the Hollywood Buff Sunglasses.

We were inspired and took a chance on creating something we’ve never seen before. Within the photos, you will see images of Justice shadow boxing, (referencing his boxing career) and locations we found interesting in Downtown Los Angeles. Most importantly, he is soaking wet because he “Can’t Stop Dripping.”

Casey Lewis
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