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      Jesus Pieces

      Jesus Pieces

      Jesus Piece Jewelry

      The Jesus Piece, second only to the wildly popular cross pendant, is a highly worn piece of religious iced out jewelry by rap stars, hop hop artists, and those savvy about hip hop fashion. Often, the Jesus piece is an oversized platinum, gold, silver or alternative metal pendant encrusted with diamonds or cubic zirconias in the likeness of Jesus Christ.

      From earliest times such as when Notorious BIG was tearing up the scene to modern rap times, the Jesus piece can be seen decorated around a rapper’s neck. This type of pendant has been a staple for the youth for many decades and is typically worn with a heavy Franco style chain or even a beaded necklace.

      Since Kanye West entered on to the scene, it is been nothing short than amazing. Kanye has can spit the game and can wear what he wants and still be one of the best dressed me in America. With that said, the hip hop Jesus charm is most notably made famous by Kanye West and his unique taste in fashion. You can regularly see Kanye West going to the Grammys or at one of his live performances sporting the almighty Jesus piece. Presently, hip hop artists such as Jay-Z and fans alike use the Jesus piece as a symbol of keeping it real while basking the glories of success. The Jesus piece proves the saying, “you can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man.”

      Although the Jesus piece is technically just the pendant portion, there are some Jesus pieces that include a chain as well. These are our Jesus Piece rosaries. The rosaries are made from either wood or brass and feature an intricate double Jesus head jewelry piece. While rosaries are typically used for the Catholic faith, more and more hip hop artists have been wearing rosaries as a fashion statement.

      King Ice offers a large selection of the latest Jesus pieces in multiple colors and styles. On top of featuring the head of the savior, we offer hip hop rosaries that have the Jesus’ head as well as a cross within the design. Our bling bling Jesus pieces are made from solid brass or silver and encrusted with high quality triple a cubic zirconia stones. Other popular designs also include our affordable wooden Jesus Pieces. Feel free to try out any of our jewelry as it is backed up a 90 day warranty! Finally, it is time to rock like one of the stars with our Jesus Pieces!