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Chucky x King Ice - Evil Chucky Doll Necklace
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14K Gold
Chucky x King Ice - Tiffany Valentine Bust Necklace
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14K Gold
Chucky x King Ice - Bad Guy Necklace
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14K Gold

King Ice x Chucky

King Ice proudly introduces King Ice x Chucky, the official Chucky collection. For decades, Chucky has been a staple in the world of horror. What started as a movie franchise with the original Child's Play and Good Guys doll has now transcended into the world of hip hop jewelry. 

The King Ice Quality

King Ice delivers the most fashionable hip hop pendants because of our promise of combining inventive designs with the most cutting-edge technology. Each pendant, from its conception right to its final design, takes months of planning, development and revisions prior to reaching your door steps. All of our men's pendants come plated in 14K or 18K gold or rhodium to provide the best shine and protection possible. Meanwhile, our pendants include hand set, VVS Diamond Simulate stones that come placed along a micro pave setting to create better design layouts. With the King Ice logo laser engraved on each pendant, everyone will know who you're repping!

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