Ruff Ryders Lookbook

The Ruff Ryders x King Ice Collection serves as a collectors item for 90's era hip-hop fans. Founded by brothers Darrin “Dee” Dean and Joaquin “Waah” Dean, Ruff Ryders helped solidify hip-hop by introducing legendary acts to the industry such as the late great DMX, Swizz Beats, The Lox (Jadakiss, Styles P, Shiek), Eve, Cassidy, and more. Classic hits like “Ruff Ryders Anthem”, “Party Up”, and “What's My Name” cemented the signature Double R logo in hip-hop culture for a lifetime.

Continuing the legacy, King Ice has developed two all new Ruff Ryder pendants, one classic logo pendant and one Double R dog tag pendant, one championship style ring, and two pairs of earrings - all available in 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold. The collection also features two Young Ryders pendants for the new age Ryders as well as a two finger ring. The best part about culture is being able to share it.

September 08, 2022
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Fall / Winter '22 Lookbook

With nearly 15 years in business King Ice is back with another season of the most desired and legendary chains in hip-hop. All new releases include the legendary Ruff Ryders Double R pendant worn by the late great DMX, the holy grail of pendants - The No Limit Records tank, and for the gamers, an entirely new line of iced Sonic pendants featuring the limited edition Super Sonic, which sold out in under 3 hours.

This Fall/Winter 2022, you cannot forget your essentials - the Two-Tone Miami Cubans and the 4mm Tennis chains. These staples in fashion set the hearts of onlookers aflame the way they glisten. As our quality and craftsmanship continues to improve with advanced bonding techniques, we've added water resistant chains and .925 sterling silver options to a number of products. See what options this season has in store for you.

September 01, 2022
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Sonic the Hedgehog 3.0 Lookbook

The third iteration of the Sonic Collection features five new characters, Dr. Eggman, Amy Rose, Dark Chao, Chao, plus one Collectors Edition Super Sonic. Each figure features multiple colored gem stones that are the exact color matches as the Sega® Sonic video game series. One of the most iconic characters in this release is the self proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose. Her beautiful pink stoned bust shines brightly and has the perfect flat back side which makes it easy to wear daily. Dr. Eggman is remarkably defined by its extended orange tone mustache. The chao characters are full body, three dimensional, and exquisitly vibrant - they exhibit the King Ice style to a tee, truly wearable art.

Keeping within the theme of the first and second releases of the Sonic The Hedgehog collection, you'll notice a continuation of the art exhibit format. As you browse through the lookbook, you will experience the collection as if you were continuing to explore the Musuem of Sonic. As the line expands, some pieces will be more rare than others. Collect your favorite Sonic The Hedgehog jewelry exclusively at

August 18, 2022
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Italian .925 Sterling Silver Lookbook

As a jewelry and accessories brand that supports creatives, it’s important that King Ice is constantly improving its quality. With the release of the Italian .925 Sterling Silver Collection, we focused our efforts on the .925 sterling silver as the base material for each chain and bracelet. We also used 14k gold bonding over the .925 sterling silver which creates what’s known as Vermeil. This particular collection was carefully crafted in Italy and went through additional quality assurance testing. This may be our most durable collection produced to date.

In the collection, you will discover an assortment of essential accessories that elevate your style in the most subtle way. Our favorites include the classic 5mm Herringbone chain, 3mm Figaro choker set, 3mm Rope chain, and the peoples favorite, the Miami cuban in multiple sizes. This collection is exactly what you need to advance your jewelry collection. Get your hands on the entire Italian .925 Sterling Silver 2022 collection on Thursday, August 4th at

August 04, 2022
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Tarnish Resistant Collection Lookbook

Introducing the new King Ice line of premium water resistant chains. These are your cubans, your ropes, your figaros, your everyday essential jewelry that pair well with every style, and any occasion. Our all new anti-tarnish bonding technique makes these chains last ten times longer than traditional affordable jewelry. Not only are they a significantly higher quality, they are resistance to moisture, sweat, and chemicals. We are so excited about the advances we’ve made in improving the quality of jewelry, we now offer a lifetime guarantee on all jewelry.

July 21, 2022
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Cannabis Collection Lookbook

King Ice has always designed accessories that are reflective of Los Angeles lifestyle and culture. Our cannabis collection was first created to help LA natives safely stash their “goods” in their jewelry without being noticed when traveling outside of California. As the line expands, we continue to add new exotic designs inspired by the cannabis community.

Our latest edition to the cannabis collection features four new necklaces with the signature five leaf pendant, a new set of hoop and stud earrings, and one new cannabis leaf ring that comes in two classic 14k yellow/white gold color ways. The most recognizable additions to the collection are the iridescent white pearl cannabis necklace and the matte black beaded cannabis necklace, which is available in two variations. The King Ice Cannabis Collection are the perfect accessories for the modern cannabis aficionado.

July 14, 2022
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Can’t Stop Drippin’ Lookbook

King Ice teamed up with Justice Barrios, an aspiring pro boxer and actor, to shoot the Summer Essentials: Can’t Stop Drippin campaign. Originally, the idea started as a joke in a discussion amongst our team - You would never see a person soaking wet walking down the streets of LA because, well, it never rains. As we advanced the conversation, it clicked, “what if he was soaking wet because he ‘can’t stop dripping… from the jewelry.” An obvious play on jewelry being referred to as “drip” and a person literally “dripping” from the water. The irony of it all, on the day of the shoot, it was actually raining in Southern California.

The jewelry we chose for this shoot consists of core chains, rings, bracelets and shades that are essential for Summer 2022. Some of our favorites are the multi-colored 3mm Spectrum Tennis Chains and bracelets, The 18mm Miami Cuban Choker with Baguette Stones, and the Hollywood Buff Sunglasses.

We were inspired and took a chance on creating something we’ve never seen before. Within the photos, you will see images of Justice shadow boxing, (referencing his boxing career) and locations we found interesting in Downtown Los Angeles. Most importantly, he is soaking wet because he “Can’t Stop Dripping.”

June 30, 2022
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Arctic Watch Collection

Watches communicate so much about you without saying anything at all. They often symbolize the change and transitions from past to future, from one vision to another, and a person's growth from boy to man. The watch you wear represents the point of your life that you are in, your symbolic change in time. From the moon, into the future.

Our new collection of King Ice Arctic watches features three carefully crafted styles and two timeless colorways of 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold. The Arctic I is the perfect "Plain Jane" that is sleek, to the point, and subtle in design. The Arctic II is smooth, cunning, and casually lets them know “he’s here.” The Arctic III is electrifying and leaves no doubt in their minds who is the alpha in the room - for the man with style.

June 16, 2022
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No Limit Records Lookbook

Percy “Master P” Miller, founded No Limit Records in 1991 out of his small record shop in Richmond, Ca. He sold 100,000 million records worldwide and earned an estimated $400 million by 2001, making him the highest-paid rapper in hip-hop history according to the Guinness Book of World Records. What people didn’t see before the money and fame is, he sold his first 200,000 CDs out of the trunk of his car. He later went on to sign acts like Mystical, Mia X, Silk The Shocker, C-Murder, Lil Romeo, Snoop Dogg - and managed to play a short career in the NBA. Before No Limit Records was founded, P’s grandfather told him, “there are ‘No Limits’ on life - wait on no man, start your own army,” hence the No Limit tank was born.

As a brand heavily inspired by hip-hop, it is important for us to bring forward stories that properly highlight history. The No Limit tank represented more than a shiny piece of metal, it’s a true American success story of kids who turned a little bit of nothing into a multi-million dollar empire that changed the lives of hundreds of people directly, and millions of people indirectly.

Our first capsule highlights the No Limit Records tanks in two colorways, 14k yellow gold and white gold. The tank is featured in 3 sizes and 4 variations. There is also one championship style ring which represents the 20 certified gold albums that charted on Billboard in one single year.

May 19, 2022
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Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0 Lookbook

King Ice is back again to pay homage to the Sonic legacy with King Ice x Sonic 2.0. In this officially licensed collaboration with Sega we strived to turn the movement and action of these iconic characters into wearable art, and curated a collection of four completely 3 dimensional full-body pieces that capture not only their likeness, but their attitude and personality. Featuring the legends themselves, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow.

March 03, 2022
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Spring / Summer '22 Lookbook

Last year we were all looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, well Spring/Summer 2022 is here, and with it comes a time of release and self expression.
Art is all about pushing boundaries, and It’s time to throw out the rules and not hold back, so let loose, go all in, and keep your head held high with a variety of new streetwear jewelry and apparel looks from King Ice.

Last year we were all looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, well Spring/Summer 2022 is here, and with it comes a time of release and self expression.
Art is all about pushing boundaries, and It’s time to throw out the rules and not hold back, so let loose, go all in, and keep your head held high with a variety of new streetwear jewelry and apparel looks from King Ice.

March 03, 2022
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Batman 2.0 Lookbook

While fashion trends come and go, the Batman remains of the most iconic superheroes of all time. We reimagined a Batman capsule that allows you to enhance your love for vintage fashion without overwhelming your style. The collection features the iconic Batman logo, the Batman cowl, ring, and more. The King Ice x Batman collection. Timeless design.

February 17, 2022
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