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    Franco Chains

    Known for its versatility and durability, Franco chains remain a hip hop jewelry staple, complementing pendants of all shapes, sizes and colors, from our Jesus Pendants to our Premium Yellow Gold collections. With various colors, from blackout to rose gold, and with multiple sizes, from as small as 2mm to as large as 4mm, our collection of Franco chains provides a plush selection to mix and match with any of our pendants or for any occasion.

    The Franco Design

    The Franco, like many hip hop jewelry chains, takes its inspiration from a rich line of Italian designs like the rolo, beaded, marinia, spiga, Figaro and box chains. Franco chains, unlike other designs, include a "V" shaped chain link to provide a thicker, more eye-catching look to mix and match alongside our small and large hip hop pendants. And with King Ice offering three main sizes--24", 30" and 36"--each length accommodates different body sizes, from the low-key 24", ideal for smaller statures, to the large, more eye-catching 36" for taller men.

    The King Ice Quality

    All of our King Ice Franco chains come made from solid brass and dipped 5 times in either platinum or 14K or 18K gold plating to provide added shine and durability. And each chain, like all of our hip hop jewelry, we make comes inspected by our quality assurance specialists to assure you receive the best possible product, free from scratches, damaged links or ruined clasps.