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D.E.A.D. Collection Summer '23 Lookbook

"Everybody wants to do everything before they die." - Mike Zombie

Introducing the "D.E.A.D. (Do Everything And Die) Collection", designed by Mike Zombie for King Ice. A tribute to living boldly and leaving a timeless legacy, our latest jewelry line features a coffin, an anime-inspired eye, a Camelot key medallion, and a wrapped cross. Embrace existence, become a legend, do everything, and die.

Engraved into the 14k polished back of the thorn laden cross are the words "Only Thing I Cross is Chains". To designer Mike Zombie, these words are a motto to live by. Why cross people, why manifest anger? When we can cross chains instead, and manifest light from the gleam of an iced out gold cross.

“All legends must die, but death cannot kill their names” It’s this sentiment that inspired “The Bed for a Legend” necklace. A symbol of immortality featuring handset stones and a polished "All I Cross is Chainz" cross. The inside of this articulating stash piece is a spiked coffin lid representing the suffering that every legend goes through in order to transcend death and live forever.

Inspired by classic anime, the Henteye necklace is an animated take on the famous all-seeing eye, adapted for the streets. It’s the vibe of the collection, representing the massive influence of anime and Japanese culture on hip hop and the rap music industry.

The chain that every DJ and producer needs, the “Z Major” necklace acts as a functioning Camelot wheel, a tool allowing you to find what key your next track should be to mix harmonically into your set. With each key carefully engraved into its corresponding color slot on the back of the pendant.

"I want to change the jewelry game" - Mike Zombie

Casey Lewis
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