King Ice | Pokémon Summer '24

King Ice | Pokémon Summer '24

It's summer 2024, and you're chilling on a secluded, tropical island. The sun's blazing, there's a light breeze, and you hear waves softly hitting the shore. In the distance, a volcano rumbles, and nearby, something stirs in the forest. A shimmer catches your eye through the lush greenery, you carefully approach and sweep back the ferns on the ground, and there they are, shining bright in the dappled sunlight—the first King Ice and Pokémon drop. You instantly feel a connection and reach for the Pikachu Necklace, lifting it into the sunlight where it sparkles even brighter. Your choice is made, marking a new friendship and the beginning of a new adventure.

This moment embodies the very essence of what makes Pokémon so special – the bond shared between a trainer and their Partner Pokémon is as vast as a field, bright like Charmander's flame, and as deep as the ocean. It's the start of a new journey with your faithful Partner Pokémon resting on your shoulders, showcasing your passion every step of the way. We're incredibly proud to present the King Ice and Pokémon collection, where our love for these iconic characters meets wearable streetwear art. Each piece is covered in hundreds of hand-set stones and plated in real 14k gold and rhodium. No detail is spared, from Pikachu's iconic red cheeks to Eevee's flowing fur. This collection is the result of 28 years of love for Pokémon, everything we've learned about jewelry, and unrivaled innovation in design.

This is King Ice and Pokémon.


Casey Lewis
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