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      Barber Shop

      Barber Shop

      Simple, Yet Clean Cut: Barber Shop Jewelry

      Finding a good barber is like find a good woman: when you find her, you keep her. You trust your barber. You respect him, and more importantly, you rely on him to keep you looking fresh. Each piece belonging to the King Ice Barber Shop Collection aims to provide jewelry that keeps you looking fresh, from barber poles and scissors to mustaches and straight razors, each piece is selected to reflect the style and look your barber helps create. 

      The Quality of King Ice

      Each piece is made using state-of-the-art machinery backed by the highest quality control, giving you the best possible product. From the handset, AAA CZ stones to the 14K gold plating that comes dipped 5 times in an ionic bath, each piece ensures you an unrivaled barber shop jewelry productMeanwhile, each pendant includes a 2.5mm stainless steel Franco chain that provides a stylish, affordable look.

      Stone Placement and Color

      King Ice pendants all use a Micro-pave setting to provide added stone security and placement, ensuring each stone stays in place. Since each cubic zirconia stone comes handset, customers receive an added sense of quality into each  pendant.


      Pairing alongside each pendant is a 2.5mm stainless steel chain. Compared to brass chains, the stainless steel added a higher level of shine and durability, while the 14K gold ionic bath provides the highest level of plating in the industry.