Sonic the Hedgehog Summer '22 Lookbook

Sonic the Hedgehog Summer '22 Lookbook

The third iteration of the Sonic Collection features five new characters, Dr. Eggman, Amy Rose, Dark Chao, Chao, plus one Collectors Edition Super Sonic. Each figure features multiple colored gem stones that are the exact color matches as the Sega® Sonic video game series. One of the most iconic characters in this release is the self proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose. Her beautiful pink stoned bust shines brightly and has the perfect flat back side which makes it easy to wear daily. Dr. Eggman is remarkably defined by its extended orange tone mustache. The chao characters are full body, three dimensional, and exquisitly vibrant - they exhibit the King Ice style to a tee, truly wearable art.

Keeping within the theme of the first and second releases of the Sonic The Hedgehog collection, you'll notice a continuation of the art exhibit format. As you browse through the lookbook, you will experience the collection as if you were continuing to explore the Musuem of Sonic. As the line expands, some pieces will be more rare than others. Collect your favorite Sonic The Hedgehog jewelry exclusively at

Casey Lewis
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