Stone quality

Stone quality


Hey, what’s up guys.

I’m Joshua and today we’re gonna be talking about stone choices, and the value of the VVS diamond simulate.

There are a few main components that make VVS Diamond Simulates the right option for your jewelry pieces not to mention their phenomenal clarity and durability against heavy use environments.

These diamond simulates are all laser cut to perfection and hand set using the same cuts, stone settings, and techniques reserved for high end fine jewelry. At king ice, we use VVS diamond simulates, VVS stands for very very slight inclusions. This means we are able to bring you the
same clarity and brilliance seen in pure diamonds, at an affordable price for everyone.

Another fantastic benefit of going diamond simulate, is the humanitarian value. Simulates are
made from materials that occur naturally and in a larger abundance than pure diamonds, and thus are able to be procured conflict free. Whereas the pure diamond trade often requires supporting violent conflict in the nations mining for the diamonds. It’s important to us to be able to provide conflict free and ethically sourced stones in all of our products.

Something else to look for, that we take into great consideration, is the cut of each stone we use. There are many different types of stone cuts, from princess cut, to brilliant round cut, to diamond cut. Each cut has a myriad of varying qualities that contribute to the aesthetic of the
stone. These differences include things such as the number and angle of facets, all the way down to the actual shape of the stone, whether it appears circular or even triangular. In every piece that we custom design, our team looks at exactly how these cuts might affect the quality and the appearance of the piece.

On, if you take a look at any of our pieces that include stones, you’ll find we list the stone type and stone cut that you’ll be receiving along with a variety of other details. Every piece we make has gone through an extensive design process and is composed of only individually
hand set stones.

It’s this craftsmanship and transparency that sets us apart, and what you should be looking for
when purchasing your jewelry.

Matthew Robinson