Thaddeus Dixon Doesn’t Want To Flex His Jewelry

Thaddeus Dixon Doesn’t Want To Flex His Jewelry

Thaddeus Dixon wants to be known as one of the greatest producers and songwriters to ever do it. Getting his start producing Meghan Trainor’s "Better When I'm Dancin'", which was featured in the Peanuts movie, the Detroit native would go on to work with big names such as Brent Faiyaz and Bryson Tiller. Having toured with both as a music director and drummer, Thaddeus loves music down to the core.

Now based in Los Angeles, Thaddeus prides himself in staying locked in the lab. Most recently, he unleashed his new single “Addiction,” an ode to living your best life. 

King Ice caught up with Thaddeus at his A-list studio in downtown Los Angeles, who gives his take on if artists should wear jewelry.

What are your go-to pieces for jewelry?

I’m not really a jewelry person. My ex bought me this chain, I still got it on. It’s 14K gold, it’s real shit. You gon’ take a picture of my lil ass chain. [laughs] 

Do you feel as an artist, you have to wear jewelry?

As an artist, I’m embracing different shit. I got my first tattoo today. Different things are happening because of where I’m going and what I'm doing. I don’t feel like you have to wear a chain. The type of n*gga I am too, I’m a Kanye/Pharrell-ish guy where you don’t see me wearing a bunch of ice or watches. I’m more chill. I might bust out a couple pieces when I get that bread to do it. You always say what you’re not going to do but when you get the money to do it, you never know.


July 30, 2020 — Shirley Ju
B-Real Reveals Who Had The Most Iconic Hip-Hop Chain

B-Real Reveals Who Had The Most Iconic Hip-Hop Chain

Photo Credit: Dr GreenThumb

deserves all his flowers while he’s here. The Los Angeles native got his start as one of the leading rappers in Latino American rap group Cypress Hill, who received a rare star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After touring the world with his bandmates, he’d go on to form rap rock supergroup Prophets of Rage, alongside members of Rage Against The Machine and Public Enemy.

Photo Credit: Dr GreenThumbs

Recently celebrating his 50th birthday, B-Real can’t be stopped. Most recently, he put out a project titled Los Meros with Berner (translates to “the bosses”), and continues to pave the way as a strong advocate for marijuana. His Dr. Greenthumb dispensary has since expanded to 6 locations, while his media company B-Real TV continues to thrive.

King Ice caught up with B-Real via Zoom to discuss who he thinks had the most iconic hip-hop chain to this day.

In your opinion, which hip-hop label had the most iconic chain?

Oh man, that’s a hard one. Fuck. The most iconic chain? That’s hard to say. Probably Death Row.

Why do you like them?

They came at the time where labels were going really heavy on that, representing their brand and making it a clique thing. Bad Boy too, their shit was tight too.


July 24, 2020 — Shirley Ju
Fast Cash Boyz Reppin’ Their Chains In Los Angeles

Fast Cash Boyz Reppin’ Their Chains In Los Angeles

Fast Cash Boyz are here to become the greatest rap group in hip-hop history. Hailing from Memphis, the FCB consist of neighborhood friends C-Money, TP Stacks, Money, and C Jizzle. The crazy part is all 4 of them came up with famed producer Tay Keith, recording tracks in the closet before he blew up.

With each member coming out the trenches and making a life for themselves through music, FCB are on the brink of breaking through to the mainstream. Now, they release their highly-anticipated joint tape with Tay Keith titled F*ck the Cash Up. The project is spearheaded by lead single “Bad Habits,” co-produced by Murda Beatz. 

King Ice caught up with the Fast Cash Boyz who was recording a music video in Los Angeles during quarantine.  The only person who wasn’t rocking his FCB chain was Money, who accidentally left it back home in Memphis.

I like those FCB chains, how much were they?

All: A lot!

C Jizzle: A pretty penny. It looks different too.

Where’s yours at? [to Money]

Money: I fucked up, I left it back home in Memphis by mistake. It’s wild.

C Jizzle: It’s all good, all this shit ain’t nothing but a plus.

C Money: We make the chains, the chains don’t make us. It doesn’t mean anything. This jewelry shit comes with the rap game. We were doing this when we had no chains! We had a million views with no chains.

You guys have bottles on bottles.

C Money: Bel Air sponsors us! Appreciate that Bel Air.

C Jizzle: We drink liquor, that’s what we like. Liquor and beats.


bLAck pARty Needs His Rings At All Times

bLAck pARty Needs His Rings At All Times

Photo credit: Manny Singh

bLAck pARty
is carving his own lane in the music industry, pushing his own genre of “tropical funk.” Experimenting with different sounds from dancehall to reggae to R&B, real name Malik Flint has been surrounded by music his entire life. After getting his feet wet producing for Kari Faux, he caught the attention of Donald Glover who eventually would sign him to his Wolf + Rothstein label.

Last year, the Arkansas-bred, Los Angeles-based artist released “Dancing,” one of his biggest records to date. Now, he’s been locked in the lab in Long Beach working on even greater records for his growing fanbase.

King Ice caught up with Malik to discuss his jewelry preferences, and the different types of rings he likes.

What’s your go-to jewelry accessories?

Probably a ring. I like to put on rings, or even a tiny necklace. I like tiny necklaces.


What does your necklace say? 

It's my middle initial, P for Perry.


What rings do you like?

I like silver rings. I like rings with crystals on them, like jade or onyx. Different crystals, even the Native American style rings. Skater company rings, I always try to get.


V. Bozeman Needs Her Favorite Earrings

V. Bozeman Needs Her Favorite Earrings

V. Bozeman is your favorite singer and actress, all in one. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, V describes herself as your regular, down-to-earth homegirl around the way ⁠— only she wants to impact the entire world. You may recognize her as her character Veronika on Fox’ hit television show, Empire, but she’s also been singing her entire life.

Growing up in the church would give V the knowledge she needed to learn how to perform, connecting with people, and reating great music. Most recently, she released her new single “Juicy,” the perfect bop for the summer.

King Ice caught up with V to discuss her jewelry preferences, who had on a burgundy top hat, hoop earrings, and layered necklaces.

I love all the drip you got on. What’s your go-to pieces for jewelry? 

I follow this queen @msdmichelle. She makes all my earrings you see me wearing. Right now, these are my favorites. I’ve been wearing these for days and weeks now, I love them. She’s so bomb when it comes to making earrings. Every time she posts an earring, I’m like “I want that!” [laughs]  She sends me earrings, they’re so dainty and so custom! My personality, and they’re bomb for the summertime. I like her whole aesthetic. If y’all want some dope earrings and little pieces, @msdmichelle is bomb. She’s all up in my comments and I’ll be all up in hers. You’ll definitely see her.


July 17, 2020 — Shirley Ju
Desiigner Doesn’t Use His AP To Tell Time

Desiigner Doesn’t Use His AP To Tell Time

Desiigner 2015 viral hit “Panda” will forever go down in history as one of the most explosive songs to grace the rap game. Fast forward to 2020, the Brooklyn, New York recently celebrated his 23rd birthday in Malibu (amidst quarantine). Beyond his constant celebration of life, he recently also was freed from his former label, G.O.O.D. Music.

Now, he releases his new single “SURVIVOR,” with a cinematic visual to match. The song itself is a reminder that we will all get through these dark times, no matter what. King Ie,

I see you have your rings on. What kind of watch is that?

Yeah, I’m cool. An AP (watch). I got the diamond bracelets, a little something. I’m not bringing out too much. [laughs]. I have a chain, but I haven’t put it on. I didn’t want to wear it right now. I wear it sometimes, but I just came out the barber chair,

Do you use your watch to tell time? 

Nah. [laughs] You dig man. Every time’s the right time for me. Time is sand man, I’m just flowing in it. I don’t really believe in it. 


July 16, 2020 — Shirley Ju
Jayy Grams Is Rocking His Cinematic Music Chain

Jayy Grams Is Rocking His Cinematic Music Chain

Jayy Grams gives hope to all anyone who’s stuck in the trenches with dreams of making it out. Hailing from Baltimore, a city with a crabs-in-the-bucket mentality, the 20-year-old found music to be his calling. Coming up as one-third of rap group LOWFi, Jayy is a breath of fresh air with his clever wordplay and real-life storytelling over heartfelt beats. Losing his father at the young age of 6, it was at 9 years old when he’d write his first rap.

Most recently, Jayy released his debut album titled Every Gram Counts, via Cinematic Music Group. Catching the attention of Johnny Shipes is only the beginning, as Jayy plans to drop 3 more projects this year alone. 

King Ice caught up with Jayy who was locked in the studio in New York with Smoke DZA, doing what he loves to do most: record.

How much drip you got on? 

I’m not even a jewelry dude. I have this dog tag from my father. I had the Cinematic chain, but they wanted to wait for me to drop another project. They want me to really get my foot in the door before I can get another chain. I’d fuck around and get a LOWFi chain if anything.

Do you feel like being an artist you have to wear jewelry?

A little bit. Maybe when you start out for real. Eventually, I’ll come up with a couple chains. They’ve established a little place in society. You don’t have to if you really don’t want to. It definitely gives you that image quicker, but I’m just not really a jewelry person.


July 14, 2020 — Shirley Ju
FKI 1$T Is Wearing His Diamonds Through Quarantine

FKI 1$T Is Wearing His Diamonds Through Quarantine

Photo Credit: Nathan James

is a jack of all trades. From producing some of hip-hop’s biggest hits (Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain,” Travis Scott’s “R.I.P. Screw,” Post Malone’s “White Iverson) to putting out his own music as an artist, the Atlanta native lives in the studio. If you’ve heard his Good Gas EPs, you already know the type of vibe he’s on: nothing but pure bangers.

Most recently, 1$T tapped back into his African roots and teamed up with Kenya superstar Victoria Kimani for an entire project titled Afreaka. The blend of 2 cultures from Africa to Atlanta is the collab project we always wanted.

King Ice caught up with 1$T via Instagram Live to discuss his chain and wearing diamond at all times.

Talk about your jewelry preferences, what chain you got on?

Keeping it light today. I have Angel City Jewelers from my homie. I have the angel on me, my favorite number is 13. I decided to put them together. The little ring, I keep it light. You can see it, but I keep it light. 

I hate when… you ever listen to a rapper. They come to your studio, you’re interviewing them and they ain’t got no jewelry on? “Hey, you told me about all these diamonds. What happened to them?” 

Some people be chillin’ at the crib during quarantine...

Quarantine can’t hold my diamonds back! I don’t give a fuck. [laughs] I’m rocking them everyday. Fuck the quarantine, they’re going to see these. 


July 09, 2020 — Shirley Ju
T-Pain Still Has His Iconic Chain

T-Pain Still Has His Iconic Chain

 Photo credit: Romell Findlay

T-Pain even need an introduction? The R&B singer-songwriter is best known for sparking a whole autotune movement, unleashing hit after hit after hit. "I'm Sprung", "I'm 'n Luv (Wit a Stripper)", "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')", "Bartender", "Can't Believe It", “Kiss Kiss” featuring Chris Brown are just a few of our favorites.

Fast forward to 2020, T-Pain is living his best life. Quarantine has been his dream come true, revealing he actually hates travelling. His house in Atlanta is a trip in itself, stocked with his own arcade, movie theater, a T-Pain shrine in his hallway of accolades, and even room for his top hats. King Ice caught up with the Nappy Boy Entertainment founder to bring us back one of the most iconic chains in hip-hop history.

Do you still have your iconic chain?

Yeah, it’s somewhere in this house. I have no idea where it is. It’s somewhere in here, I don’t know man. I get drunk and I fuck with it a lot, then it gets put down somewhere in here. I don’t know where it is.

Do you ever wear it out?

Oh no, it’s too heavy. It’s too much. Either I’m at show on stage or I’m drunk out of my mind in the studio and feel like wearing it real quick. [laughs]


July 07, 2020 — Shirley Ju
Childish Major: Cash Money Over Roc-A-Fella😬

Childish Major: Cash Money Over Roc-A-Fella😬

Childish Major is a man of many talents, from R&B to producing to composing. The South Carolina native may have dedicated his last project DIRT ROAD DIAMOND to the sand roads in his hometown, but Atlanta is what raised him. In fact, hit single “Supply Luh” was even featured on the HBO hit series Insecure.

The only thing greater than Childish’s music is his personality — a lover above all else. King Ice caught up with the Grammy-nominated recording artist to discuss jewelry preferences, his most expensive watch, and why Roc-A-Fella is still the GOAT.

What’s the most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

Jewelry, I’m not crazy on  jewelry. I mean, I have this [shows chain]. A little angel with some yellow diamonds in it. Maybe $3,000 or $4,000. 

Slight flex.

Yeah slightly. I’m more of clothes and shoes. Those are my materialistic vices. 

You don’t really like to accessorize with any jewelry?

My accessories don’t have to be crazy. I’m cool with a hat and some glasses. I have some pretty expensive glasses.

What’s the most expensive pair?

It’s this Japanese company, I don’t even know how to fucking pronounce the name of the glasses it’s crazy. I paid $400 for them. 

Who in your opinion had the most iconic hip-hop chain?

Honestly, The Roc-A-Fella chain. It’s gotta be out of Roc-A-Fella or Cash Money honestly, to me. Cash Money because they have the simple rectangle with the black background with the diamonds in it, that shit was cold. But who has the illest chain game period? It has to be Pharrell for sure.

Which chain of his?

Literally every fucking chain Pharrell has ever had. Then on top of that how he started his shit off, he had the ill ass gold plated Blackberry, had the fucking ruby gold Rubik’s cube. He’s the goat. 



What do you want your legacy to be?

I want to be remembered as the guy who inspired everybody.