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      Jungl Julz

      Jungl Julz

      Jungl Julz Collection

      Inspired by animal and urban-based themes, but refined by the streetwear community comes Jungl Julz, The official Snoop Dogg jewelry line that aims to set the standard for what the world is--a concrete jungle. And every piece in the Jungl Julz collection, from the Rastafarian-inspired pieces to the urban ideas, like the weed leaf bracelets, offers a representation of your lifestyle, a defining characteristic that sets you above the pack--not a part of it. Together with Snoop Dogg, King Ice has created a jewelry line that embodies this jungle mentality--a tough a world where the strongest reign supreme--while abiding by streetwear values that give men a modern, urban look fans have come to admire and competitors have looked to imitate.

      The Jungl Julz Quality

      Jungl Julz delivers the most fashionable hip hop jewelry because of its promise of combining innovative designs with the most cutting-edge technology. Each pendant, accessory and bracelet, from its conception right to its final design, takes months of planning, development and revisions prior to reaching your door steps. More importantly, each gets the approval of Snoop Dogg and King Ice quality-control specialists, ensuring each product meets not only our standards, but yours. Each item uses either 14K or 18K gold plating that comes dipped five times in iconic plating to provide the best possible shine and protection.