Evolution Of The Pimp Cup

If you’re recently just getting to know the term pimp cup, you’d be surprised to know it’s been around for much longer – yes, even older than Lil’ Jon’s career. The first time it was used was in a 2002 Nas song, called “Made You Look” on his “God’s Son” album. Does this line sound familiar? Knock a pimp's drink down in his pimp cup. That's the way you get Timberland'd up. Well, that was just the beginning of the pimp cup, which is still in the process of blowing up into a major hip hop accessory. Since then, you have probably heard jokes and comments about the pimp cup in songs, videos and on television shows. So what exactly is a pimp cup? Well, it is a piece of fashion jewelry that individuals carry around. It is made out of a shiny metal that is surrounded by jewels, rubies and diamonds. Some of the pimp cups come in different colors – not just gold and silver, but reds, greens and blues too. The pimp cup looks like royalty, which is why so many people like carrying it around. The symbolism of it is gratifying, making it very popular in the hip hop community.

Custom Party Pimp Cups

Artists like Lil’ Jon, Snoop Dogg and the comedian Katt Williams made the pimp cup revolutionary. Katt Williams plays the role a bit better, calling himself a pimp and using that persona as his image. He often carries around a pimp cup to his performances and in most of his movies. In one of his comedic acts he has a large pimp cup on stage and carries a pimp cup in his hand. Lil’ Jon on the other hand uses the pimp cup very symbolically. He raps about it in his music and always has one on him; it’s even a part of his image. You will hardly ever see him in a photo without him holding a pimp cup. The idea of the pimp cup has become so popular, that even ordinary people on the streets are purchasing them. You will see both men and women with their pimp cup dancing in the club or attending events. The word “pimp” alone has been so commercially advertised that everyone wants in – and the pimp cup is the ticket.

One of the most popular things you can do with your pimp cup is to customize it. You can have just about anything on there. Choose your favorite colors, jewels and what you would like for it to say on your party custom pimp cup. The pimp cup has a unique shape, a large opening at the top attached to an elongated “tube” that is connected to a round bowl-shaped piece that stands on a wine glass bottom. The pimp cup almost looks like a wine glass, but it has the round piece in the middle. Although it isn’t specifically made for wine, the pimp cup is often used for alcoholic beverages. You can find yourself a pimp cup from various designers and manufacturers, so don’t be left out – get your pimp on!