Hip Hop Ladies Bling

Hip hop encompasses a large following, covering all demographics. Although women are often depicted as objects in hip hop videos, they are, in fact, an integral part of the hip hop community. Tied to the culture of hip hop is the wearing of bling bling or hip hop jewelry. Usually focused on men, hip hop jewelry usually consists of diamond or cubic zirconia laced bling bling pendants, iced out bracelets and hip hop chains with an emphasis on the male wearer. Hip hop jewelry makers today are slowly creating new lines of ladies bling featuring iced out cz jewelry to satisfy the growing interest of hip hop women.

In American society, fashion often expresses the essence of individuals or cultures. From priests to prisoners something is said by the garb of our existence. Hip hop jewelry, otherwise know as bling bling, is how lovers of rap music can represent their association with the standards of their particular culture. Iced out jewelry featuring cubic zirconia or diamonds show the success and wealth achieved overcoming the most difficult of circumstances. Bling iced out watches, grillz and belt buckles all celebrate life at an extreme level in a cry of triumph against all odds. Wearing bling jewelry has now transcended this meaning, and become a fashion category itself, where wearing a phat bracelet or fly hip hop chain is an auxiliary part of the fashion jewelry landscape. Entrepreneurs like Sean John and Russell Simmons generate hundreds of millions of dollars selling hip hop clothing fueling the demand for matching hip hop iced out jewelry.

Throughout hip hop fashion history ladies have always made statements with bling style. Rapper emcees like Salt N’ Pepa and Queen Latifah often sported phat yellow gold bamboo hoop earrings, gold chains and at times, gold teeth. In more recent days hip hop honies like Foxxy Brown sport hip hop chains blinging with diamonds or iced out cz’s. Emcees like MC Lyte and Missy Elliot have paved the way for hip hop ladies to reach the next level of success with both representing women and hip hop. As well, the culture of hip hop including jewelry fashion has responded by issuing more designs of womens bling bling.

Women's Hip Hop Jewelry

For ladies bling bling you have to start with hip hop rings for women. An iced out ring for women can feature both round and princess cut stones, usually diamonds or cubic zirconia. They can be differing colors such as pink diamond, canary yellow diamond, blue sapphire or red ruby. Hip hop ladies bling rings should also be large enough, with multiple stones or a solitaire setting, to qualify as hip hop style. Available to the avid women’s bling collectors are ladies hip hop tennis bracelets. Sometimes made with platinum but often purchased in rhodium coated silver, women's bling bracelets should be gleaming with cubic zirconia or diamonds stones, again, larger than the average tennis bracelet to give it that hip hop appeal. Next, ladies bling can consist of a pair of hip hop iced out earrings usually at least 5mm in diameter, made with gold or silver featuring cz’s or diamonds stones.

Finally, for the ladies of hip hop you must have a chain. Chains range from iced out cz bullet chains to plain Italian hip hop chains. A thin hip hop chains for ladies is usually good and a nice bling pendant, perhaps a cross or skull, can set the whole look off right. Or, a fly old school gold rope chain, as worn by models and singers, can be just the correct flavor. There is a great potential for the women's bling market as it represents a large population of hip hop fans and jewelry lovers. Combine the two and you can’t go wrong with hip hop ladies bling.