What Is Hip Hop Fashion?

Narrowing the term hip hop fashion is almost impossible to do because of its broad range of products. Hip hop fashion can best be described as materials that are worn a lot in the hip hop community. Everything you see in hip hop music videos, concerts and photos are a part of hip hop fashion. It can be anything from clothes, jewelry and shoes to hair styles, accessories and cars. One of the biggest trends in hip hop fashion has to do with jewelry. For the men, it’s big chains and medallions. For the women, it’s big hoop earrings and other dangle earrings. Bling definitely plays a big role in hip hop jewelry fashion; the more shiny and outrageous the better. Even women are looking to get their bling on with necklaces, bracelets and rings. The pinky ring is still one of the more popular forms of hip hop fashion for jewelry, which is usually a thick ring with a large jewel or face. Another big trend in hip hop fashion is mouth bling. The iced out, golden and/or platinum grillz are still in style and have even crossed over to the female market. Unlike with the original gold teeth, which have to be placed in by a dentist, grillz can easily be slipped on and off. You just have to get your grillz specifically made for your teeth. You may have seen these grillz being worn by artists like Nelly, Paul Wall and Jermaine Dupri.

Other Hip Hop Fashion

Other type of hip hop fashion includes lots and lots of ice. Necklaces, bracelets and even watches are usually iced out with diamonds or cubic zirconias. When it comes to earrings, the bigger the better rule definitely applies. Large diamond studded earrings have been a part of hip hop fashion for decades now and there’s no end for it in sight. Mostly men wear these types of hip hop earrings, but females have too been seen rockin’ them. There are feminine diamond studs that females can wear as well. To go along with the jewelry, hip hop fashion also consists of clothing. Men who are into hip hop fashion will be found wearing loose fitting pants and shirts – most likely name brands like Phat Farm, SouthPole and Polo. These are worn together with hip hop fashion jewelry, like the large chain w/ medallion, diamond earrings and iced out watch. Women too have hip hop fashion that they can rock. For instance, there are name brand clothing like Baby Phat, Rocawear and SouthPole. As far as shoes go in hip hop fashion, name brands definitely apply. Manufacturers like Nike, Phat Farm and Adida are all popular in hip hop fashion. Women are more known to wear heels with their hip hop gear, rather than sneakers.

Hip hop fashion defines the hip hop community in more ways than in just jewelry, clothes and shoes. It shows character and culture – similar to how any other country would represent their styles and creativity.