Importance of Hip Hop Bling Chains

Bling bling chains have been a hit for decades (think of the '80s), but it seems that since the Hot Boys rap group came out with the song "Bling Bling", the talk has never stopped. Everything that has to do with hip hop jewelry has to have bling that is eye catching and flavorful. Besides being a popular term and style, having bling bling chains plays an important role in the music industry and hip hop culture. Our status in the community and our taste relies on how well we coordinate our bling bling chains and if we even own any bling - this can come in the form of rings, bracelets, grillz and necklace chains.

Having bling bling necklace chains isn't only about having a shiny piece of urban hip hop jewelry, but you get to represent what you stand for. With all of the pendants available for bling bling chains, you will be able to find all different types of designs. You may see many important people in the hip hop industry rockin' bling bling chains that have their country's flag or religious icons. Bling bling chains go beyond just hip hop music, it allows individuals to express themselves. There are even some places that allow you to customize your bling bling chains with custom designed pendants.

Being able to make a fashion statement is the new trend and has been for decades. Clothes, shoes and hairstyles have always dominated the fashion scene, but now there are flamboyant bling bling chains to go along with them. Men's jewelry comes with lots of different types of bling bling chains, including bullet chains, diamond cut chains, rope chains, gold plated chan necklaces, thick chains and silver chain necklaces. The bullet bling bling chains sometimes have stones, like diamonds or cubic zirconia, mixed in with the silver, platinum or gold necklace.

Hip Hop Chains

Before only celebrities, such as actors and musicians, were able to afford bling bling chains, but with the mainstream market picking up on this hot new development, average working people can now afford to get them too. A lot of these chains are made with metals like platinum, gold, silver and Italian silver. Some hip hop bling italian chains never go out of style, like the rope chains from the '80s. Run DMC set this trend and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. The statement bling bling chains have and continue to make over the years shows dedication and independence - while everyone else were wearing small hip hop chains and bling pendants, hip hop made its first statement loud and clear with the biggest jewelry out there.

Carrying on the traditions of hip hop chains not only makes you look good, but you feel good too. Anyone who is looking to represent their causes can do it with chains that bling. People all around the world can match up pendants with their hip hop bling chains to show everyone who they are - whether that be a person who is Christian, from an island or believes in peace, the statement will be made with the bling bling chains.