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      Bling Bling Rings

      Men are trying to compete with women for that ever loving spotlight when it comes to bling silver fashion. Traditionally, women have been the target market with diamond or cubic zirconia rings with bling. We have been dazzled by women’s fingers adorned with engagement ring bling denoting style, wealth, commitment and glamour. Men have always worn rings but have not been as emphasized as women. The onset of Hip Hop has spurred young men to trend towards buying and wearing bling rings. Married men wear gold or plain silver band rings signaling their marital status. Athletes sport expensive diamond studded bling. In general, men are more interested than ever in buying rings with plenty of bling.

      Hip Hop has spawned a fashion movement with men’s silver rings. Rap artists and soul singers wear the latest in fashionable bling jewelry. Diamonds and cubic zirconia are the stones of choice depending on one’s purchasing power. The larger the ring, the greater the shine, the more compliments one receives. Rings with three of four lines of princess cut or round bling stones totaling one to four carats are not uncommon.

      Men's Silver Rings

      The most traditional of men’s silver rings are plain silver wedding bands. Gold or silver is the usual choice of material, while stones generally are not used. The available variety includes plain, comfort fit or milgrain, differentiated by slight variations in design. The silver bling factor with wedding bands is low as they are a symbol of a loving commitment and not necessarily a fashion choice.

      Turn to the sports network and you might see an athlete giving an interview while mysteriously rubbing his chin. Notice the large glittering rocks clinging to his middle finger. It may be a championship ring of some sort or maybe, he just splurged. Whatever the case, athletes, as they tend to do, have influenced men to see wearing a diamond or cubic zirconia silver ring as desirable.

      Ultimately women still rule the bling ring market. But men can bling too! As men get in touch with their “feminine” side they are spending more time cultivating their appearance. Fashionable clothes and bling jewelry is part of this process. As men and women equalize in status perhaps women might one day buy men silver engagement rings in proposals of marriage, evening out any remaining discrepancies between the sexes and boosting yet more interest in men’s rings.