What Do Bling Watches Represent?

Bling watches are always a great way to make your gear iced out, but what do they really represent? Anytime you see someone wearing bling watches, likely one thing comes to mind – that person has style. When you look at popular celebrities who are wearing hip hop bling, you associate it with having a lot of money and being hip. The same effect is given to average people who wear urban bling watches. People who look to bling aren’t only trying to prove that they’re hip and stylish; it’s also a trend that portrays the hip hop community. You don’t just see anyone wearing bling watches. Most people who wear bling watches are representing the hip hop style and flavor and are likely in or enjoy the music industry. One of the biggest promoters of bling watches is hip hop.

Since the fad of wearing ice and gold came onto the hip hop scene in the ‘80s, people associated with the movement have worn them. Men’s jewelry especially associates its different styles with bling chains and bling watches. There are all types of designs and sizes also. Not all bling watches are made big and completely iced out; some come with different colored jewels and diamond counts. Usually the more ice watches have, the more of a showstopper it will be. It’s pretty hard to not notice shiny rhinestones and cubic zirconia diamonds.

Hip Hop Watches

Ultimately hip hop watches represent status and value. When you wear hip hop bling watches, it shows everyone that you care about your image and respect the hip hop movement. Well-known individuals wear many of the hip hop bling watches on the market and it shows a status of achievement. If you’ve noticed in many music videos featuring new artists, they wear bling watches, chains and rings – it shows everyone that they are successful and tasteful. Even up and coming artists who aren’t yet able to afford bling rent men’s jewelry just for the music video or hip hop event. It’s all about the image, which is everything in the entertainment business.

As an average person on the streets, wearing hip hop men’s jewelry that blings shows others you too are accomplishing things. Hip hop diamond watches are also represented as eye candy. As mentioned before, its hard not to notice bling and when you do, it’s hard to look away. Before going out to the club or to any other place or event, wearing bling watches is a must. Everyone wants to get noticed and the attention it brings is always positive (just make sure to put your hater blockers on).

Men’s jewelry has always been used to show an individuals status in the community, but some like to scream it out louder than others – with bling you can do that. Hip hop bling watches are used to represent status, style and stability, and are a useful tool for getting noticed by women and anyone else.  Purchase urban watches that represent what you stand for; you can have them customized with symbolic images regarding your religion, nationality or social standing. There are symbols such as marijuana plants, basketball logos (Michael Jordan) and fashion brands. If there is any one way of getting positive credibility it can be represented with bling hip hop watches.