Yung Rob

Real Name:
Robert C. Gray

Dayton, Ohio

Where To Find Him: YouTube


Yung Rob is an Unsigned artist out of the Double O trying to make a name for him and his family "Dropsquad". His music is not limited to any style, He can make a song for anyone about anything, but he likes songs that get the crowd going during a live show. Yung Rob's music is for anyone and everyone to be able to listen to and relate whether it be about something depressing, exciting, angry, or whatever you may be feeling. Every mixtape and song he records is a little piece of him and a story or lesson he has learned or experienced. He has a daughter "Nykole Gray" who was born on April 30, 2011, who he will always tell you is the reason he will never give up his dreams, because he would never expect her to give up on hers.

Yung Rob born "Robert C. Gray" was born in Dayton, Ohio on September 28th, 1991. Rob Grew up around music most of his childhood because of his Parents having their own band, where his Dad played the Guitar and his Mom Sang. When he was almost 3 his little brother was born and now not only was he influenced by the music but so was his brother. In later years after a rough patch in their parents relationship Rob and his brother ended up going between their Dad in Huber Heights to their Moms in Dayton until they were about 14 and 13. Around this time is when Rob and his Younger Brother now known as C-Money started recording as the Young Money Makers. Rob was kicked out of highschool his sophmore year due to truency, so he then had time to Actually persue his dream. After a year of doing music and attempting to release a mixtape he called King of The Jungle he joined a group of his friends that called their group "Loonatik Wreckordz". A few months after being with the group he was arrested and sent to Rehab by his Probation Officer for pot. After he was released from Rehab he released the mixtape Chronically Insane on Datpiff. The mixtape was something rob would call "One of his worst mixtapes" but other will say it was when he was still growing so he cant count that.

When Rob turned 16 he released G5 which featured other Artists on Loonatik Wreckordz. The mixtape wasnt too big of a success but it was far more impressive than the Chronically Insane Mixtape in Robs eyes. After he released those mixtapes he started working on songs with more wicked taste to them and performing show for Underground Promotions. Opening for Acts such as King Gordy, Hopsin, Graveplott, etc. He created a name for himself and started to grow and a performer. As years past and shows were done Rob began to grow as an Artist and getting out of the "wicked era" as he would call it, as well while beginning one of what he would call "His best idea yet", The "I Can Do It Better Series". He recorded the first mixtape he called "I Can Do It Better" and remixed songs he had heard on the radio and songs people always listened to and recorded his own lyrics. He released it on Datpiff and thats when he started to actually progress.

When he turned 19 Rob began doing music with his Brother again, but instead of Young Money Makers it was DropSquad. As soon as Rob began recording with his family he released the second installment to his series and called it "I Can Do It Better Vol. 2: Even Better Than Before". After releasing the mixtape and showing he had finally started feeling like he was succeeding. He performed shows for National Names such as Dizzy Wright, Twista, Dub O, two more shows for hopsin and Funk Volume, Boondox, and a few others. And is still opening and closing out shows for more National Names.

Rob is now 20 years old going on 21 and is still Young and far from being in his prime. He is constantly working on new music and continuing to perform for bigger and bigger names. Trying to spread his own name across the country. Theres no telling what he's going to do next. He's always dreamed to become a successful artist for years. He's fought and strived for all of the things he's accomplished so far. Theres nothing he wont try, and he is ready for anything thrown his way. Just keep your ears and eyes open because you never know the next time hes going to surprise the fans with something new!


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