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AK Wants to Get His Family AK Pieces

AK is a rapping machine. Blowing up in 2018 off his viral freestyle cover of Desiigner’s “Panda,” the Brunswick, New Jersey native came up recording in his bedroom, with nothing but Logic and a microphone. Since then, he’s been blowing up independently, accumulating 1.65 subscribes on Youtube alone.


When it comes to his rapping ability, he can probably go up to par with your favorite MCs of all time. Still, he stays focused, dedicated, and passionate, locked in the lab perfecting his craft every single day. Most recently, he released his most powerful visual to date: “Family Tree.” The record alone pays tribute to the OGs of the rap game, as he digitally morphs into them in the video.


King Ice caught up with AK via Instagram Live to discuss his jewelry preferences, and why he’s saving his money.

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

Probably this gold chain, it’s a simple rope. I'm really not too big into jewelry. Jewelry’s cool, but I usually keep it simple. This was $500, simple. I don't need too much. Eventually when I get there, I want one diamond chain. I want one tennis chain, simple. 


I feel like an AK chain is necessary.

Oh for sure, like a piece. I want a tennis chain that’s diamond, and an AK piece. I want to get the family AK pieces. 


When’s the perfect time for that?

Shit, when the real bag comes in. We’re doing good right now, but we’re independent. Every dollar we get goes right back into it. Obviously there’s some play money there but I'd rather be smart with it now because i'm still young. There’s a lot more to do so I’m trying to be smart with it.

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