Ava Max Wears Her Chain Every Day

Ava Max Wears Her Chain Every Day

Ava Max is a Platinum-selling global pop sensation, who is here to touch the world with her anthemic music. Not only are these records grandiose, but the message and lyrics allow fans to relate and feel human — in a world where social media may dictate otherwise. From Radio Disney singing competitions before high school to touring the world, the “Sweet but Psycho” singer inspires all those who hear her.


Most recently, she unleashed her single titled “Kings & Queens,” holding fans over until her new project titled Heaven & Hell. One of her biggest goals is to remind the masses that different is okay, and to never falter from who they are.

King Ice caught up with Ava via Zoom to discuss her favorite chain she wears everyday.

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

This one, the Max Cut! It was really expensive. It was a gift actually. 

From who?!

Um… someone secret. [laughs] I wear it everyday, I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m going to make merch out of it, my fans have asked me for it.

Do you like gold or silver? 

I’m obsessed with silver. I’m a silver girl, I love silver. When I was younger, it was all gold, but then I started getting goth and crazy. [laughs] I love silver.



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