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Discover Samoht's Favorite Jewelry Piece

Samoht is in his own lane, with his own voice and own sound. The singer-songwriter was born in North Carolina, but moved to New York where he’d spend the next 9 years of his life. However lately, he sees himself as nomadic, on the road travelling across the States on his THIRD headlining tour.

If you’re hip, you’ve already ran through his most recent album titled Exit… a million times. His vibes, his energy, his soul, his love for music shines through each track, as he effortlessly wins over audiences all around the world.

King Ice caught up with Samoht the same weekend he shut down The Sayers Club in hollywood.

What’s the best encounter you had with a fan?

Right now, I’ma go with this gold necklace I got on. I think her Instagram is @shesmiles

That’s a nice little crystal.

Yeah it’s clear quartz, like a crown chakra. I said “wow I like your necklace!” She just took it off and gave it to me, I’m like “yooo.”  

And you wear it! That’s beautiful. It almost protects you. 

Absolutely. I know right? It’s nice and clear, I love clear stuff. Other than fans telling me how much my music has helped them out of a dark space, especially the almost horror stories they tell me. “I was about do this to myself, then your song stopped me from doing it.” I’ll be crying for real.

Can we talk about your jewelry drip real quick?

Fasho. I actually don’t have my other ring on right now. I’m wearing Axcexx right now, it’s a brand by this stylist H Diddy. He’s dope. I love his jewelry, I’m always wearing it. This necklace is from a fan, she put a diamond in it because of my song “Yellow Diamonds.” The thing is, they actually give me stuff that I like. So I ain’t gotta lie about shit. 

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