DJ Sidereal Loves Jewelry So Much, He Loses It During Shows

DJ Sidereal Loves Jewelry So Much, He Loses It During Shows

DJ Sidereal has been deejaying for damn near a decade, and he has goals and aspirations of becoming the best DJ in the world. Serving as Lil Keed’s official DJ would get him acclimated with the YSL family, spearheaded by Atlanta legend Young Thug. Aside from shutting down stages all across the world, the St. Paul, Minnesota native is now releasing his own music.

To kick off 2020, Sidereal unleashed “I See Ghost,” tapping OMB Peezy and Alec Beretz. While all his work screams hip-hop, he actually loves dance music down to the core. Having the bandwidth to produce and blend genres is something he takes pride in, and something music-lovers can appreciate.

King Ice caught up with Sidereal via FaceTime to discuss his love for jewelry.

Do you have a love for jewelry at all?

I love jewelry so much. I used to have this crazy flooded out pinky ring, it was bulky as hell. At the time I had it, I loved Versace when it wasn’t played out. I had this almost replica made of stainless steel mixed with white gold, then flooded with diamonds throughout the bottom of the pinky. Throughout the top. It was an elevated pendant situation, but it was mobile. So fire.


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I’m deejaying right, the shit keeps hitting the fader. I’m going in and out of the mix and it’s so extended, it keeps hitting the fader. I ended up throwing it out of the window on the freeway. It was wild. I’ve had hella chains, but I always lose them. I’m calm now because me and you are conversing but when I’m on stage, it’s another me. I see red type shit. On the Drip or Drown tour, I lost 6 pairs of Yeezys. I lost custom designer glasses with diamonds in them. I lost a ring. I lost shirts, I lost a pair of pants. I lost damn near everything on that tour. I love jewelry, but it's only in the offseason. 

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