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Dommy Divine Is Proudly Rocking Pearls

Dommy Divine is a music executive and entrepreneur, who really got it from the ground up. From starting his own Divine Minds clothing brand and mailing packages to various artists in the game, Dom used to throw shows in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. After a successful warehouse party for Xavier Wulf, he’d find himself on actual the tour: selling merch then becoming the DJ.

Now, he’s fostered valuable relationships that yield him into the position he is now. While he plays the manager role for Lil Tracy, he states that they’re merely best friends. When it comes to career goals, he hopes to be the next DJ Khaled.

King Ice caught up with Dommy in downtown Los Angeles who was rocking his BB Simon chain.

How would you describe your fashion style?
I was always influenced by Lil B. I used to wear pink, whatever I wanted. I’d go to my grandma’s and take her big ass earrings, super crazy. I’m wearing a BB Simon necklace. You see the sick studded cowboy belts Jim Jones and Tekashi 6ix9ine all wear? They gave me a necklace. I seen him on the streets, they brought us to his place in Santa Ana. We made custom belts and necklaces. 

How much do those necklaces go for?

No idea, they gave it to me for free.

Do you wear it a lot?

Nah, I wear a lot of pearls recently. They’re pretty. I never got into bust downs and big chunky diamonds. I’m more into cute, kawaii, pretty, more feminine swag. I’d rather have a cute little white Chanel watch instead of a bust down. I was always thrift store swag, put together crazy things. Now having more money, being around Tracy all the time, and seeing his love for the designer, I’ve started to appreciate it more. Developed my own appreciation for designer brands. I’ve been wearing hella Ice Cream, Pharrel’s. It’s an ‘06 brand. I’m on Grailed every day. Because of quarantine, I shop all the time.


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