PeeWee LongWay: My first chain was $50,000

PeeWee LongWay: My first chain was $50,000

Peewee Longway

Peewee Longway is one of the originators of the Atlanta trap wave, coming up alongside the likes of legends such as Young Thug. In fact, Gucci Mane signed him to his label without even hearing his music. Real name Quincy Williams embodies a rapper who came out the mud and found music to be his calling. No matter what hardships or adversities you face in life, rapping served as an outlet and coping mechanism to want more for yourself and achieve your wildest dreams.

Most recently, real name Quincy Williams unleashed his Blue M&M 4 project, with features from Quavo, YFN Lucci, and NBA Youngboy. In fact, YB actually used to look up to Peewee as one of his biggest influences.

King Ice caught up with Longway in his few days in Los Angeles to chat about his take on jewelry and chains.

Most expensive piece of jewelry you’ve ever purchased?

My first chain like this was $50,000. My earrings are $50,000. 

What are your go to pieces with your jewelry collection.

I’m not really a jewelry fan. I started wearing the jewelry when I started rapping. I was low key, I don’t wanna be wearing all this shit.


Because you didn’t want the attention?

Nah, I didn’t. But you know... just flows. 



 How do you pick what to wear with your outfits?

I don’t, sometimes you might go get some tee’s. It depends on what kind of shirt you got on. I’m wearing Givenchy right now. You can just throw anything on top of this, this a crew neck kind of shirt. But if you got another kind of collar on, you might wanna put these on: the diamond choker. 


What’s most important to you when buying jewelry (the cut, diamond, size)?

Definitely has to the quality of the diamond fasho. We want all the way clarity, then we gonna have to go with the size of the cut and the color guard. They all gotta match, it gotta be VVS. 


What record label had the most iconic chain in your opinion?

I don’t know. I ain’t into all that shit.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to do what you do?

I can’t say do what I do, you gotta be better than me. Don’t do what I do. [chuckles] Because what works for me don’t work for you. You gotta go harder. Don’t do what I do, do you. That’s what makes you, you.


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The Blue M&M 4 tracklist:
1. Wakanda
2. Whole Lotta Love
3. Fiji Water
4. Up Up
5. Frost Bite
6. Party (ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again)
7. Side Chicc (ft. MPA Wicced)
8. Smell
9. Strong
10. White Chicc’s (ft. Krazy Blaxc)
11. Wont Fit
12. PMWC (ft. YFN Lucci)
13. Youngins
14. Bags (ft. MPA HeadShakur)
15. Murder Rate (ft. Quavo)

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